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A Complete Ecosystem

The architecture and the tools your enterprise needs to build public or private Mobile Apps and Progressive Web Apps, and manage your data exposure on the web. Globules.io provides the backbone of your web and mobile enterprise architecture.

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React in a Heartbeat

Globules is a platform that helps you develop and deploy cross platform mobile and web applications and data driven APIs in a fraction of the time. Packed with features that fits your needs.

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The Easy Way

Get ready to interact with your web data center via our Javascript SDK within minutes, all of it, securely. No need to worry about tokens, data validation and protocols anymore, it's all taken care of.

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Javascript SDK
API.login(username, password);
API.call('topSellingItem', {category:'candles'});
API.call('addExpense', {type:'travel', amount:649.27});
API.call('publishArticle', {url:'financial-report-2016'});
API.call('sendMessage', {to:'all', message:'It's done!'});
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Adapt Anytime

Globules analytics gives you a valuable insight on how your users interact with the system. Manage services from your web based console. Create new features and deploy updated applications within seconds.

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Store and Scale Wherever

Globules hybrid architecture lets you utilize the database type that fits the most your requirements. Whether it makes more sense to use SQL or NoSQL, or both in concerto, our flexible service oriented with plugins architecture can handle and facilitate any big data projects.

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With you all along

Let us handle the hassle of setting up your data center, develop your apps and APIs. Want to handle some of the work? No problem! Our documentation will guide you every step of the way.

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Stay Safe

Globules sensitive nervous system protects your web data center by intercepting malicious threads. Its anonymous and central based protection system collects and shares information about intrusion patterns and attackers. In short, it collectivelly protects all of our client's web data centers anonymouly.

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