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Built in Datasets

Don't waste time anymore gathering data vital to your product development and test environment. Globules platform provides real datasets such as geo trees with coordinates, country codes etc. and simulated datasets such as users with basic profile etc.

Globules also provide a flatfile import tool to import custom datasets into its system.

  • Real data sets
  • Geo data
  • Simulated data sets
  • User data
  • Dataset import

Inquire control panel

Built in Analytics control panel

Globules analytics provides true analytics on how your products are operated. Discover what services are vital to your products, per product and per user, without the worry of an implementation. Globules built in analytics within the SDK gathers and renders information in real time about the complete use of the services via the web console.

  • Real time analytics
  • Exact data
  • Analytics per client and service


Javascript & PHP SDK

Globules framework has been developed with a front-end use in mind via Javascript, for the web and for hybrid mobile containers such as Cordova or Phonegap. Globules provides a single API object that gives access to exposed services for the current device/client in conjunction with the current scope of the end user. Globules also provides a set of Javascript components to help you build rich applications. It is highly encouraged to use the front end extention.

Javascript SDK
//check if user is logged
//listen to user login
$('document').on(OGX.API.LOGIN_SUCCESS, ...);
//retrieve user expenses'getUserExpenses', {start:'2016-01-01', end:'2016-06-06'}, onExpenses);
function onExpenses(data){
         //success, display the data
         //error, see console.log(data.error);

For cases where it is more appropriate to retrieve the content before the page is created, such as a website with public data that should be indexed by search engines, or even in a hybrid or back end only application that requires back to back or third party interactions, Globules provides a mirror PHP API object with the exact same methods.

$response = $api->call('getArticle', json_decode('{"name":"why-you-should-use-our-services"}')); 
    //success, display $response->article
    //error, see var_dump($response->error);


Data Validation control panel

Globules console offers an elegant and easy solution to manage services, shared between applications (clients), via its web console. With its built in validation rules, get running in no time! Just select the most appropriate data format and generate your base service.

Globules system validates your data in the front end, then in the back end, and can return validation error messages for debugging purposes. The conformity of the data is assured all long.

  • User interface for services administration
  • Data validation rule selector
  • Front end and back end validations


Service Administration & Scripting

Make or have us make services in a heartbeat! Globules provides a non disruptive experience with its multiple production environments.

Set the service restrictions, cache properties and expected data of the service within the web console and start scripting right into it! No need to download anything! Globules scripting engine is based on one of the most popular web language, PHP! with a few limitations! Chances are, your team is already capable to create services.

Globules also provides wrappers to MySQL and MongoDB with simplified interfaces and preformatted outputs.

//Object values are already validated as declated for this service
function getProducts($__obj){
    $response = new \stdClass;
    $response->success = false;
     //query MySQL
    $list = $this->_mysql->getPrepare('SELECT * FROM products WHERE color = ?', $__obj->color);
      $response->products = $list->data;...//JSON ARRAY
   //query MongoDB
   $docs = $this->_mongo->findDocuments(json_decode('{"type":"product", "color":"'.$__obj->color.'"'}'));
      $response->products = $docs;...//JSON ARRAY
      $response->success = true;
   return $response;


Data Storage control panel

Globules provides access to one or more databases type. Globules allows you to use existing and proven SQL type database but also newer schemaless NoSQL database, both available directly within the service. With different scaling compatible approaches, whether vertical or horizontal, Globules software layer intergrate seamlessly with all projects of all sizes.

  • SQL and/or NoSQL
  • Scaling friendly

Caching System

Globules dual caching system allows you to minimize unwanted data queries and traffic.

Store fully formed responses from services in the memory database for shortened response times. Stored responses can be expired with time or on demand.

Or even avoid calling the data center and use the locally stored response from the device! It's all controllable from the service console.

  • In device caching
  • Response caching
  • Memory database

Inquire control panel

Base Applications control panel

Save valuable time to get started developing! Globules build system generates template applications with all the mechanics already embedded in them.

Generate a mobile application template, a web application template or a REST API template and deploy in a few clicks.

Globules also offers a user interface to generate the navigation, base views and routing of your mobile and web applications, paired with Javascript components. Generate a fully browsable product and get moving with interacting with the data center via services in minutes.

  • Template applications
  • Javascript components
  • Product navigation design


REST Remap

Your enterprise needs to share some of its data with a third party securely?

Globules console also offers the possibility to remap services into a REST API, and treat it just as another client application.

Check out our documentation.

  • Service to API
  • API as a client

inquire control panel

SEO Tools control panel

You're a company with a global exposure and multilingual web products?

No worries, with our embedded geo traffic police, have your visitors denied or rerouted to the proper web client seamlessly.

With its ever growing dataset of crawlers and robots, the Globules console gives you control over the indexing your web application.

  • Geo policies
  • Crawler control


Plugin System

No need to deploy another tool!

Globules provides numerous plugins to extend the capabilities of the system; plugins which can bring their own data structure and set of interfaces and functionalities.

Deploy a blog in seconds and start writing articles in the editor interface! Deploy the commerce extention and start adding products right away in your product tree! It's that easy.

  • Plugin architecture
  • One click services and data structure
  • Pre fabricated services
  • Administration interface
  • Custom plugin development that fits your needs!

inquire plugins

Secure Exposure control panel

Globules bulletproof token based architecture provides maximum security. It's two level authentification (client and user) and its token mechanism with embedded scope gives you enterprise strength security.

With its sensitive intrusion detection system interconnected between its core and its clients, Globules platform keeps you safe from unwanted visitors and robots. Manage bans and exclusions in the web console by user, application or country.

  • Geo policies
  • Crawler control
  • Multi level bans
  • Administration interface