OGX.Demo updated for OGX.JS 1.2.x and OGX.JS 1.2.7


We are pleased to announce that OGX.JS javascript framework version 1.2.7 and OGX.CLI 1.1.2 have been released.

Changelog for OGX.JS 1.2.7 (since version 1.2.5):

  • |Bind] fix local property when bound component value is an object
  • [OSE] fix oml property interpreted as oml file
  • [Bind] force value as array if value is a OGX.List
  • [Window] hide anim param pass true to reuse original anim
  • [RouletteTree] fix disabled at start in float objects
  • [RouletteTree] consider string of length 0 as null value

Visit the github repository of the framework here

Visit the npm package of the framework here

The demo app has also been upgraded for the 1.2 branch of OGX.JS, both on github and our website.

You can check out the repository of the demo app here