OGX.JS Javascrpit Framework version 1.5.6


We are pleased to announce that OGX.JS javascript framework version 1.5.6 and OGX.CLI 1.3.2 have been released. The demo on this website has been updated as well with the latest version as well.

Changelog since 1.5.4

  • [NestList] fixed preferred position not respected if index is 0
  • [GroupedList] fixed mode of DynamicList in NestList not passed when creating group
  • [GroupedList] fixed replaceItem, group not removed if group becomes empty
  • [Router] fixed 404 and 403 as int instead of string
  • [Tags] current tag can be set by passing prop val to find via val method
  • [Tags] fixed disabled after clear
  • [Tags] fixed hidden value not empty after clear
  • [Form] can now be muted via enable/disable
  • [OML] return when Html exceed render time, ensures rendering
  • [Touch] swipe stop propagation on move
  • [Scroller] scroll stop propagation
  • [Geo] clearMap deprecated, use clearRoute
  • [List] added update method
  • [Display] CSS conditions based on OSE now
  • [Window] disabled when Scroller bubbles up
  • [DynamicList] Fix unselect if id value is int as string, convert back to string

Visit the github repository of the framework here

Visit the npm package of the framework here