OGX.JS Javascript Framework version 1.4.3 released


We are pleased to announce that OGX.JS javascript framework version 1.4.3 and OGX.CLI 1.1.11 have been released. Here is the change log since version 1.3.0

  • [OSE] added screen and scope keywords
  • [List] added deleteProperty method
  • [Form] now returns invalid if validate set to true if all fields are empty even if not required
  • [Tags] clear suggestions when val method is passed data
  • [Tags] Fix undefined tag issue with object mode
  • [Tags] TAG_REMOVED event is dispatched with object if mode is object
  • [Tags] Added SELECT event
  • [Tags] Added display_more and click_more flags
  • [Tags] Constants values for mode changed to object, string, ascii, constants unchanged
  • [Tags] Added strict flag
  • [Tags] Fix issue when using object mode and clearing input
  • [Tags] Fix hidden value not stringified if max flag set to 1
  • [Core] Added jwt flag to config
  • [Scope] setScope method if jwt flag set to false (vs setToken)

Visit the github repository of the framework here

Visit the npm package of the framework here