OGX.JS Javascript Framework version 1.2.5 released


We are pleased to announce that OGX.JS javascript framework version 1.2.5 and OGX.CLI 1.1.1 have been released.

Here is the changelog since 1.2.0 for OGX.JS

  • [Object] fix recursive destroy cycling over already destroyed nodes
  • [App] fix broken getVisiblePopups
  • [Carousel] prevent calling focus/blur on non init child instance
  • [Carousel] linkNodes now at construct (vs init)
  • [Uxi] added regex support for id to find and cfind methods
  • [Popup] ungroup reuses group icons
  • [OML] fix Uxi element & listeners not reinit after Uxi move
  • [Object] added uncache method
  • [Carousel] better handling of nodes indexes
  • [Carousel] fix node not focused after tab order swap via Container
  • [Tabs] fix wrong cache order after order change from drag
  • [Bind] added support to path-to-property of remote_property
  • [OML] fix replaceNodeName not returning more than one node
  • [OSE] added data support to template in template
  • [OSE] fix loop interpretation in some rare cases
  • [Templater] OSE template command now handled by Templater instead of OSE, allow data support of template in template
  • [RouletteTree] fix disabled roulettes after init with disabled then enable
  • [NPM] Restore missing install.js for npm
  • [Carousel] no anim on first show (via config.index)
  • [APP] Prevent multi UNGROUP trigger, Carousel added anim switch in showPanel
  • [Switch] inverted default labels
  • [OSE] better variable vs string detection
  • [Uxi] faster reveal, better topIndex
  • [Uxi] fix not added to cache after Popup group
  • [Popup] group fix inverted tabs

Here is the changelog for the CLI

  • [link/unlink] only links files with extensions .js and .css, rest is ignored

Visit the github repository of the framework here

Visit the npm package of the framework here