OGX.JS Javascript Framework version 1.2.0 released


We are pleased to announce that OGX.JS javascript framework version 1.2.0 has been released. The main feature of this release is the ability to group Popups when dragging them on top of one another (if they belong to the same group), and also the ability to release any grouped Popup into it's own container.

Here is the changelog for this version:

  • [OML] added Uxi type node, to move to a new node an existing Uxi
  • [Uxi] gather now returns an OGX.List
  • [Overlay] added addGroupOverlay/removeGroupOverlay methods
  • [Tabs] added val method to get/set the tab by label
  • [Container] tap hold drag-up releases content into new Popup
  • [Popup] added group flag in config. Drag-able popup merge into single Container popup if same group parent overlap
  • [Popup] added title method to set/get title, exposed z
  • [Popup] added icons method to set/get icons
  • [Popup] added OGX.Popup.GROUP and OGX.Popup.UNGROUP event
  • [App] added groupPopups and ungroupPopup methods
  • [Tabs] added index flag in config
  • [Carousel] added index flag in config
  • [Container] added index flag in config
  • [Touch] hold drag now also returns relative movement
  • [Carousel] fixed addNode and swapPanels method
  • [CSS] base base template updated

The default theme has been updated too to version and the CLI has been updated to include this version of the framework and now available at version 1.0.24.

Visit the github repository of the framework here

Visit the npm package of the framework here