OGX.JS Javascrpit Framework version 1.5.9


We are pleased to announce that OGX.JS javascript framework version 1.5.9 and OGX.CLI 1.3.5 have been released. 

Changelog since 1.5.6

  • [Display] fixed css bind with OSE expression
  • [DynamicList] fixed findDelete returning List instead of item is limit is 1
  • [GroupedList] fixed updateItem inducing a group change
  • [GroupedList] fixed replaceItem inducing a group change
  • [GroupedList] fixed updateItem inducing a group change
  • [GroupedList] fixed group ordering ignored at init
  • [GroupedList] updateItem strict is now false by default
  • [List] fixed findUpdate limit
  • [Display] css now supports OSE expressions
  • [GroupedList] fixed mask not updating after a list's nest has changed length
  • [GroupedList] fixed broken updateItem when changing group
  • [GroupedList] fixed not properly cleared on re-render
  • [Window] added icons methods to set/change icons on the fly
  • [Geo] return false if directions are not found
  • [App] better findWindow method
  • [Scope] strict mode
  • [Geo] remove marker on route option of drawRoute
  • [DynamicList] fix insert passed as array
  • [DynamicList] fix delete when list is not filtered
  • [List] findUpdate, findDelete and findReplace now support path to property

Visit the github repository of the framework here

Visit the npm package of the framework here